Just a few words from the people we are helping

Dear Terry,

I want to thank you for the opportunity to come out and hunt with all of you on Saturday. I really did have a great time. The value of being with my fellow veterans who have been through similar ordeals and share a purple badge of honor is priceless. I am very thankful for organizations like yours. I am interested in helping organize your next one and all you need to do is let me know what I can do to help. Maybe next time I won't loose my shirt tail...haha. Have a great and wonderful day, and once again, Thank You.

Jeff Boyles

I have returned from my second visit to the Freedom Isn't Free Lodge. This lodge
is ran by an awesome man, Terry Cotney, who tirelessly gives of himself. The
lodge has provided me an outlet to relax in a way that I have done for many
years. Mr. Cotney has put on two consecutive hunting trips for warriors, like
myself, who are returning from deployments and suffering from a wide variety of
injuries. These hunting trip have given me the opportunity to get away from the
military base and relax in a no pressure environment. I am stationed at Fort
Gordon's Warrior Transition Unit with many of America's greatest men and women.

Terry Cotney, through this foundation, has given all of us the ability to take
our minds of our military life and the injuries we are healing from for a
moment. While participating in these hunts I have seen that this place is not
only for wounded warriors, but for all types of people with all types of
injuries and illnesses. All these people come together to share a common love of
the outdoors with hunting and fishing trips.

While participating in these hunts I had the opportunity to meet some wonderful
people. I have seen heroic stories from wonderful families who are traveling
through so much more than I. Chase Hamm and Dillon, You guys and your families
are awesome. It is this American spirit that I have continued to serve since
1983. I am grateful for the time spent at this lodge and blessed to be touched
by the people who unselfishly give of themselves. They call us Heroes for just
doing our job at the time we were called to serve.

Many men and women have stepped up to serve way before I was even able. Terry is
one of those men. His inspiration to continue to give back through this
foundation make him a Hero of mine. This foundation itself is a hero. It is
because of the people that get involved with this foundation and others like it
that make me proud to serve the United States and fight on the battlefields
afar. I would rather take the fight to them than allow them the opportunity to
strike us again here on this precious soil.

Thank you all who volunteered to assist the hunters at the Freedom Isn't Free

SSG Boyd, Tim C.
United States Army

Good Day Sir, My name is Hector Berry, I attended your hunting event on the 8th and the 9th of October. I had a great time hunting and i really enjoyed your hospitality. My father and I was successful with killing a 90 pound doe the first day, but I wasn't lucky the second day. But over all I had a great time and I hope to be out there again. Hopefully I will be there next weekend for your other hunting event.

Mr Terry, This is SSG Berry, I just wanted to say once again going out there was a blessing. This was my first hunt ever and having my son made it even better. Also using a muzzle loader now I am sold on that type of gun. It makes the hunt more challenging "one shot one kill." A million thanks to the community and yourself for all you do for the WTB. Finally thanks again for letting us stay in the lodge it is a great pleasure not to have go and set up lodging at a Hotel. See you soon and God Bless.
Dear Mr. Cotney, I apologize for this taking so long to reach you. I have been running behind since we came and hunted with you and all the great people of the Freedom Isn't Free Lodge. First off I wanted to thank you and all the volunteers that made that the most memorable hunt that I have ever been on. The kindness we were shown and the hospitality I don't believe could be matched anywhere in the world. Unfortunately my memory is not what it used to be so I do not remember the names of all the great people who sponsored this event nor do I remember the names of all the volunteers that helped us, but I want them to know that they deeply touched the lives of the veterans that were able to attend the hunt. It is with the utmost love and respect the I say THANK YOU to all of you that made it possible for us to join you for this event. As I now live here in South Carolina if I can ever do any thing to help you in future endeavors such as this please feel free to call me. If I am able I will help in any way!

Very Respectfully,
A Company WTB
Ft. Gordon, GA 30905